Family Reunion October Long Weekend 2015
11 September 2015 - 6:23:33am

2015 marks 175 years since the McInnes family first landed in Australia, and twenty five years since the family reunion held at Goulburn in 1990.

On the October long weekend 2015 the McInnes family descendents are gathering again to celebrate their time in Australia. Events will be held at "Ivy Lodge", Middle Arm, NSW and in the nearby town of Goulburn to mark this milestone. The following events are planned:

The main reunion events will be on Sunday 4th October at "Ivy Lodge" Middlearm.

Activities will include:

  • Genealogy using the McInnes Family History database and other branch family records

  • Family history displays

  • Meeting members of your branch of the family

  • Visiting significant sites such as the old family homesteads

Please bring your own picnic lunch. Tea, coffee and cold drinks will be available.

In the evening there will be a reunion dinner at the Southern Star Inn in Goulburn.

To register or to book for the reunion dinner, please e-mail You'll get an immediate acknowledgement, then someone will get back to you shortly. If you're not sure of your connection to the family, search on this site for your ancestors' names. Any queries, ring Rod McInnes on 0404822314.
End of 2012 Update
16 January 2013 - 10:43:47am

We've just had a number of people doing lots of hard work on the site, and we've now got 3,310 individual records and over 700 surnames and almost 1,000 families. That's about a 20% growth since we first went online over 13 years ago in the late 1990s.

We now nominally have 87 users, almost double what we had at the end of 2009. However, probably only about 10% of these have actually got to using the editing level, and adding new records.

Work in the past three years has again focused on the Waite/Hore families, the Duracks and their relations the Evans family ‎(Daniel Evans was the founder of what is now Downer EDI)‎, and more on the McDonnell family.

As for the McInnes family, we've had new members from Peter Thomas's line and Gregor's line. I've also been working to get assistance to getting the Beggs Family site fully operational ‎(no editing or administration functions currently)‎, since it shares the same hosting platform.

Anyway, keep up the good work!

Rod McInnes
McInnes Family History Website Xmas 2009
17 November 2010 - 9:34:36pm

At the end of 2009, I thought I would just take stock of where the McInnes Family Tree site has gone since I took over, following Max Beggs untimely death in September 2008.

As you may know, the McInnes website was founded by Max over 10 years ago. He used digitised records that he had created in the early 1990s from the extensive manual file card system built up by Bishop Cullinane over the previous 20 years. The site was relaunched in 2005 at its current address, with the aim to keep alive over 40 years of database work.

So, since last year we’ve roughly doubled our membership to 41. Activity on the site varies, but we’re typically approving something like 20 new records ‎(ie. For “new” individual ancestors)‎ a month, entered by about 1 to 2 active members. Members tend to work in “spurts”, with typically new members being most active for about a month or so, and then a small number of these coming back periodically with a gap of some months to enter new data.

These are the areas of growth or significance in the site:

The Hore and Waite Families – four or five researchers working on various connections or descendents in Donald McInness’ ‎(sic – spelling of the McInnes surname varies)‎ line . These include:
  • Charles Hawes, working on relatives of Sidney West Hore, Donald’s daughter Maggies’ son. Charles has provided a detailed table of Hore and Hoare family members, which may assist identify any interconnection between the at least two separate family lines between the McInnesses and persons with the surname Hore.

  • Marina Borland, in NZ researching the Appleton family connected through Sidney West Hore’s sister Maggie.

  • Cheryl Tregea researching the Waite’s connected through Donald’s daughters Annie and Jessie.

  • Karenne Thistleton ‎(nèe McInness)‎ researching descendents of Donald’s son Andrew who was married to a Waite.

  • Stella Hore, whose connection is not yet confirmed.

The McDonnell family – we recently had Garry McDonnell rejoin. Garry is one of a number of members of the previous website archived here who lost contact when Max changed the domain name around 2005. Garry has extensive documentation of the families of Angus McInnes’ daughter’s Margaret and Jessie and his son Angus Augustus, and his brother Peter ‎(also brother to Donald above)‎, all of whom were married to McDonnell’s.

The Holmwood McInnes family – Janet Drummond has been researching the descendents of John McInnes , particularly those in the Watson family, descendents of John’s daughter Flora. Of interest here, is the publication “Making Music” by William Gallaher ‎(an in-law of John’s daughter Ina)‎, published through the efforts of Roslyn, NSW historian Albert Speer. This book has a number of personal recollections back to the 1890s on the McInnes families at Middlearm, particularly those at “Holmwood”.

Descendents of James McInnes ‎(son of Angus above)‎. At least five family members have joined including Peter, Barbara and Cathy McInnes and Angela Clarke ‎(Eade)‎. In particular, Allan McInnes has provided some information on McInnes family bibles/sacred literature from 19th century which led to the tracing of the descendents of James’ brother, Angus Augustus ‎(above)‎. Of most note was the passing away of Alan Joseph McInnes in November, 2008.

The Warriner family, descendents of Donald and Angus’ sister Anne . The current George Warriner contacted us and offered to assist fill out the largely blank section of the tree with a GEDCOM file. Unfortunately, due to a lack of technical expertise, we’ve not been able yet to take this offer up.

The Durack Family – the Durack family are well documented through the books and even television shows written or inspired by Dame Mary Durack. However, we were alerted at a family function to an hitherto unknown war record for Fergus Durack apparently kept by his Aunt Mary Cunningham. We were able, via the site to get a copy to Durack researchers, Mary Jo Katter ‎(nèe Marchant, granddaughter to Fergus’ sister Margaret)‎, Gordon Vaughan ‎(widower to Daniel Evans granddaughter)‎ and Ray Croker ‎(grandson to Fergus’ sister Sarah)‎.

Overall, the site seems to be doing its job well of linking family members and researchers and generating extra knowledge. However, we need assistance with website administration, particularly to make the site more robust and up to date ‎(eg. hopefully getting rid of those annoying and unnecessary error messages)‎. There does need to be some kind of new facility, so that members know when new entries in their area of interest are occurring, and this e-mail is a small step in that direction.

We’re also in touch with Max Beggs executors, and hope to retrieve his family history source material ‎(including hopefully, copies of Bishop Cullinane’s original file system and new entries from the 1991 reunion)‎ from storage in Spain some time this year. We are also trying to make contact with Beggs family members who could take over the Beggs family site which we administer in its current “frozen” state.

We could really benefit from some assistance in some areas. In some cases, we’ve had written material sent to us for updating the site, but no time to enter it. Volunteers who could add a few entries in their spare time would be much appreciated.

I look forward to keeping in touch next year, and thank you for your interest and hard work. Merry Xmas, and all the best for 2010.

Rod McInnes
This article, less some information removed for privacy reasons, was distributed to McInnes Family History site members on 26th December, 2009
The Passing of Max Beggs
7 October 2008 - 9:18:07pm

We have just heard news that Max Beggs, the founder of the McInnes website and its long term administrator passed away a month ago. He died at 3.15 pm on Tuesday, 2 September, from an aggressive form of brain cancer. We are assured that his passing was peaceful. Our condolences to his loved ones.
Update to website
19 August 2008 - 4:42:58pm

This site was down from 16th August until the morning of 19th August 2008 due to problems at Hostica. All has now been restored from a backup dated 15th August. If you entered any data or sent a message in the period from 15th to 19th August and it is NOT on the site ‎(please check)‎, our apologies, but this is beyond our control, and you will have to reenter or resend.

This is our first outage that I'm aware of in 18 months on this host, and we have probably not lost any data from 15th to 16th anyway. Therefore, it seems that our data loss exposure is a maximum of 1 day in 500, so I'd still recommend the site as a safe way of recording family data.

One more thing - Max, our Technical Support person is unwell, and currently is unlikely to respond to e-mails. I'd suggest that until further notice, any Tech support queries go to the Geneaology contact ‎(see bottom of page)‎

Rod McInnes, Geneaologist
Welcome Message
19 August 2008 - 3:41:31pm

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If you have any questions about the operation of this website, please click on the name of the Technical Support contact person listed below to send him/her an e-mail.
System Details
19 August 2008 - 3:34:39pm

The Mcinnes Family History website was moved in April 2007 to a webhost service at, and the family history files are maintained here in a MySQL database, which provides fast access. The site is operated by PhpGedView software ‎(see‎.

The software allows addition of media files, and more comprehensive Help, which includes a link to the PhpGedView Wiki website where you can find a Users Guide.

John McInnes and Mary Macdougal - Their Story
6 April 2007 - 2:16:35pm

Inserted by Max Beggs

Note: You can print this page by clicking on the "Printer-friendly Version" link at the bottom of this page.

This is an ongoing project, and much material has yet to be collected. It almost certainly contains errors. Please help in its compilation by advising us of any additions and/or corrections, no matter how minor ‎(e.g. the correct spelling of a name, a nickname or other name that a person was know by rather than their first name, the church a couple were married in, details of an obituary notice or a will, etc.)‎.

Also, we would appreciate receiving digital ‎(i.e. scanned or photographed)‎ copies ‎(please DO NOT send originals)‎ of family photographs ‎(people, places, cemetery gravestones, etc)‎, birth/marriage/death certificates, obituaries, wills, or any similar material on the early generations. We plan to extend this Web site to include all of this information, which others can then download from the Internet and print for their own records. If you have any such material, please advise us by e-mail ‎(see the "Genealogy" contact at the bottom of this page)‎ so we can discuss the best way to get the material to us.

I would like to acknowledge the following contributors to this family history:

**** Bishop John Cullinane ‎(deceased)‎, formerly of Sydney, NSW, g-g-g-grandson of John and Mary McInnes, who, over a period of many years, collected a huge amount of information about the McInnes family. When I first met John, he had all this information meticulously recorded on index cards and forms, and he would hand-draw descendant trees for anyone enquiring about the family. I had the pleasure of working with John to enter much of this information into a computer ‎(I currently use Family Tree Maker software)‎ so that it could be made available to many more McInnes descendants.

**** John Grant, of Canberra, ACT, g-g-g-g-grandson of John and Mary McInnes, who compiled the McInnes family story which follows.


John McInnes and Mary Macdougal were married in the late 1780s in the village of Moidart, Argyleshire, on the west coast of Scotland. The precise year and place of their wedding is not recorded, as this period pre-dated the civil registration of marriages, and as such events were not recorded in Catholic church registers in Scotland until 1829.

They had at least four children and probably many more. Those whose names are recorded are Donald ‎(born 1789)‎, Lachlan ‎(born 1804)‎, Flora ‎(born 1810)‎ and James ‎(born 1811)‎. The breaks between the birth dates of their children suggest that the family was indeed large, and this was a pattern to be followed by their own children.

The McInnes children were poorly educated. Donald was apparently able to read, but not write. His brothers and Flora had skills in neither. John McInnes, like his sons Donald, Lachlan and James, was a shepherd; his occupation reflecting the developing Scottish sheep industry which, although young at that stage, was to be ruined by the 1850s by cheap imports of wool from the Australian colonies.

The family lived on Eilean Shona ‎(the Isle of Shona)‎ in the region of Moidart. The island is tiny, about two miles wide by one mile in length. While there are no roads or bridges to the island, a ford, accessible at low tide, provides access to the mainland.

These were troubled times for Scotland. The attempts of the Jacobite cause to re-establish the deposed Catholic Stuart monarchy came to a head in 1746, when Charles Edward Stuart ‎(Bonnie Prince Charlie)‎ led an armed rebellion against English rule. He returned from France to Scotland in 1745, landing at Glenfinnan near Moidart. After the Jacobite army had made in-roads deep into England, it was turned back and made a last and disastrous stand at Culloden in 1746. On the routing of his army, Stuart escaped Culloden and wandered the Highlands and islands, desperately seeking refuge with Catholics and Jacobite sympathisers until he made his escape to France from Moidart.

Not content with the military defeat, the English government passed the Act of Proscription in 1747, banning the wearing of tartan and kilts, playing of bagpipes, the bearing of arms, any gathering of Highland people and the teaching of the Gaelic language. In the same year, the Heritable Jurisdictions Act was passed, requiring that those who did not accede to English jurisdiction were to have their lands forfeited. These circumstances, combined with the clearing of the land of the crofters to make way for sheep, undoubtedly had direct impacts on the McInnes family. They also saw the end of the clan system and of crofting and were the background to the emigration and exiling of Scots to Canada, America and Australia.

Children of John McInnes and Mary Macdougal

...... Donald McInnes ‎(1789-1857)‎
...... Lachlan McInnes ‎(1804-)‎
...... Flora McInnes ‎(1810-)‎
...... James McInnes ‎(1811-)‎

These are the only known children of John and Mary, although there were probably many others. We know of these four because they emigrated together to Australia in 1839.

Children of Donald McInnes and Margaret ‎(Peggy)‎ McGregor

Donald McInnes and Margaret ‎(Peggy)‎ McGregor were married in Moidart about 1814, at which time Donald was 25 and Peggy was 18. Margaret's parents were Donald and Marian McGregor. They lived on the Isle of Shona where all of their children were born.

The Moidart Parish register commences only in 1829, the year of Catholic emancipation in Scotland, but records the baptisms of the last four of the twelve McInnes children:

...... John McInnes ‎(c1816-1894)‎
...... Angus McInnes ‎(c1817-1888)‎
...... Male Child ‎(c1819, died as an infant)‎
...... Gregor McInnes ‎(c1820-1897)‎
...... Male Child ‎(c1822, died as an infant)‎
...... Donald McInnes ‎(c1825-1902)‎
...... Charles McInnes ‎(c1827-1900)‎
...... Mary McInnes, twin of Charles ‎(c1827-)‎
...... Anne McInnes ‎(1829-1902)‎, baptised 29 April 1830
...... Ewan ‎(Hugh)‎ McInnes ‎(1832-1881)‎, baptised 19 November 1832
...... Peter McInnes ‎(1835-1880)‎, baptised 12 November 1835
...... Catherine ‎(1838, died as an infant)‎, baptised 23 March 1838

In the early 1800s, the price of wool tripled in response to the demands of newly industrialised England. Scottish landowners, mostly absentee landlords, began to replace their herds of Highland cattle with flocks of sheep. Sheep required less care than cattle and could be left to roam the hillsides with only a handful of people to tend them. A flock of sheep required the same area of land as had been worked by 12-16 families ‎(80-100 people)‎ and provided a far greater and less troublesome return than could be provided by tenant crofters.

These circumstances set in train the background for the "Clearing of the Highlands", a program of evictions characterised by brutality, house burnings and the herding of crofters, not infrequently in manacles, on to vessels bound for America and Canada - and all of this was entirely legal. The Clearings began in 1813, aided by the British Government's "Policy for the Improvement of the Highlands" and continued through to the 1850s. As part of that policy, a program of "assisted migration" to Australia was instituted during the 1830s, under which the cost of the passage was met by the British Government.

Through such programs, as well as through the more brutal evictions and exilings, most islands on the west coast of Scotland and huge areas of the Scottish mainland were eventually completely stripped of their populations. While the McInnes family seems to have avoided the harsh treatment which many other crofters received, undoubtedly they came under increasing pressure to quit their land and they chose the option of assisted emigration to Australia.

It is probable that their decision was assisted by the persuasions of Lachlan McAlister. McAlister had at one time commanded the mounted police in the Goulburn and Bathurst districts. He was a wealthy man who owned a substantial property, Clifton, near Picton and a second large property, Strathaird, named after his native place on the Isle of Skye. Strathaird was situated near Taralga, some 28 miles from Goulburn. At that time, there was a critical shortage of labour for the agricultural and pastoral industries in Australia, particularly around the Goulburn area. It is known that, to address this labour shortage, McAlister conducted recruitment campaigns in his native Scotland and it is probable that in one of these campaigns, the McInnes family was persuaded to emigrate.

Journey to Australia

Donald, Peggy and their surviving nine children sailed on the "George Fyfe" from the port of Tobermory, Isle of Mull, on 16 September 1839. The vessel carried 99 adults and 79 children. The voyage to Australia took 131 days. Some impressions of the voyage can be gained from the report of the Surgeon Superintendent, on board the vessel, which read:

"Divine Services performed every Sunday ‎(with two exceptions)‎ on acct of the weather) either by the Surgeon, or Hugh McDonald one of the Emigrants, who also gave prayers in Galic every evening at his own request. There were on board Protestants 124 and Catholics 54. A school was early established, 30 pupils attending. Preservation of health was promoted by the daily practice of bring beds on deck, strict attention to the cleaning of water closets, and prohibiting all washing and shaving between decks in the warmer latitudes, using windsails regularly, encouraging the habit of taking it on deck and promoting dancing - frequent washing of clothes, and strict attention to the weekly musters on Sunday, and to the state of the children at the daily morning muster. Andrew Liddell Surgeon Superintendent"

The shipping records include the following details of the McInnes family:

** Donald McInnes, Married Male Immigrant. Brought out by: Government; A Native of: Moidart, Argyleshire - Son of Jno ‎(i.e. John)‎ a Shepherd, same place and Mary his wife there; Calling: Shepherd; Age on Embarkation: 49; State of bodily health, strength and probable usefulness: Good; Religion: R Catholic; Remarks: Reads

** Peggy McInnes, Married Female Immigrant; Brought out by: Government; A Native of: Same place as husband - Dr of Donald McGregor, labourer, and Marian his wife there; Calling: House Servant; Age on Embarkation: 46; State of bodily health, strength and probable usefulness: Good; Religion: R Catholic; Remarks: - ‎(i.e. neither reads nor writes)‎

** John McInnes, Unmarried Male Immigrant; Brought out by: Government; A Native of: Moidart - Son of Donald a Shepherd and Margaret McGregor his wife there; Calling: Shepherd; Age on Embarkation: 23 years; State of bodily health, strength and probable usefulness: Good; Religion: R Catholic; Remarks: - ‎(i.e. neither reads nor writes)‎

** Angus McInnis; Unmarried Male Immigrant; Brought out by: Government; A Native of: Moidart - Son of Donald a Farmer and Peggy his wife; Calling: Shepherd; Age on Embarkation: 21 years; State of bodily health, strength and probable usefulness: Good; Religion: R Catholic; Remarks: - ‎(i.e. neither reads nor writes)‎

** Gregor McInnes, Unmarried Male Immigrant; Brought out by: Government; A Native of: Moidart - Son of Donald a Farmer & Peggy his wife; Calling: Shoemaker; Age on Embarkation: 18 years; State of bodily health, strength and probable usefulness: Good; Religion: R Catholic; Remarks: - ‎(i.e. neither reads nor writes)‎

** Male Children, Exceeding One and Under Eighteen Years - Donald 14, Charles 12, Hugh 7, Peter 5

** Female Children, Exceeding One and Under Fifteen Years - Mary 12, Anne 10

On the same vessel were Donald McInnes' two brothers, sister, sister-in-law and niece:

** Laughlin ‎(Lachlan)‎ McKinnis ‎(sic)‎, Shepherd, 35 Years, R Catholic

** Mary McKinnis ‎(sic)‎, House servant, 30 years, R Catholic ‎(wife of Lachlan)‎ and their 9 month old daughter

** James McKinnis ‎(sic)‎, Shepherd, 28 years, R Catholic

** Flora McKinnis ‎(sic)‎, House Servant, 29 years, R Catholic

Arrival in Australia

The McInnes family arrived in Sydney, New South Wales on 23 January 1840. One can imagine their shock and discomfort at the heat and humidity of a Sydney summer's day. In Sydney, they were met by Lachlan McAlister or one of his employees who arranged their passage to Taralga, near Goulburn. Almost certainly, the trip from Sydney to Taralga was by bullock dray, returning to Taralga after delivering a wool clip to the docks in Sydney.

The three McInnes brothers, Donald, Lachlan and James, along with their families, were employed as shepherds at the Strathaird property at Taralga for several years, although some family members, including Angus, Donald ‎(junior)‎ and Anne, later found employment on other properties in the Goulburn area. Flora initially worked as a domestic servant in Sydney before joining the rest of her family some months later. In April 1841, she married Patrick Constantine and her address at that time was shown as Strathaird. Her husband was from the adjoining property, Richlands.

In 1852, Donald and Peggy McInnes purchased 30 acres of land described as "Head of the Tarlo Creek". Tarlo was a tiny village, mid-way between Taralga and Goulburn. The land is variously described as "Tarlo" or "Middle Arm". Their land adjoined a farm purchased by their son, Angus, two years earlier. Other members of the family also purchased land in the same area and most of these farms were eventually combined into a single property now known as "Ivy Lodge". The "Ivy Lodge" property remains in the hands of the McInnes family to the present day.

Donald did not have many years in which to enjoy the pleasures of being a land owner. He died, at his property, in 1857 and was buried at Goulburn. After Donald's death, Peggy remained at the family property where she died in 1868. Both Donald and Peggy are buried in the Mortis Street Cemetery in Goulburn. The inscription on their headstone reads:

"Donald McInnes, native of Moidart, Invernesshire, Scotland. Died at the Middle Arm near Goulburn, 1 March 1857 aged 72 years. Also Margaret McInnes, wife of the above. Died at the Middle Arm, 18 May 1868 aged 72 years".

Although several of the nine surviving children of Donald and Peggy remained in the Goulburn area, others travelled far afield.

**** ‎(1)‎ John McInnes did not marry, and lived in a cottage on the "Ivy Lodge" property at Middle Arm. He died in 1894 aged 78. He is believed to be buried in the family graveyard at "Ivy Lodge", although no headstone exists.

**** ‎(2)‎ Angus McInnes married Arabella Nicholson at St Peter and Paul's, Goulburn, on 28 April 1844. They had sixteen ‎(16)‎ children: Margaret Mary ‎(1844)‎, John ‎(1846)‎, Peter ‎(1847)‎, Angus ‎(1848)‎, Catherine ‎(1850)‎, Jessie Margaret ‎(1852)‎, Donald ‎(1854)‎, Christina ‎(1856)‎, Flora ‎(1858)‎, Alexander ‎(1859)‎, Mary ‎(1861)‎, Charles ‎(1863)‎, James ‎(1865)‎, Cornelius ‎(1867)‎, Gregor Duncan ‎(1868)‎, and Anna Isobella ‎(1870)‎. Angus died at Ivy Lodge, Middle Arm, on 7 March 1888, aged 71. Arabella died in Goulburn in 1903, aged 76. Both Angus and Arabella are buried at "Ivy Lodge", Middle Arm. Angus and his family were friends of the Duracks who, in the 1850s and 60s had properties around the Goulburn area. They were on sufficiently good terms for the McInnes family to be invited to the wedding of Patsy Durack to Mary Costello in 1862. The McInnes's and the Duracks were also destined to be relatives by marriage. In October 1873, Catherine McInnes, fifth child of Angus and Arabella, married Michael Durack at Goulburn Cathedral. The Goulburn Herald noted:

"Mr Michael Durack, formerly of this district, now of Cooper's Creek, Western Queensland, has contracted marriage with an amiable and respectably connected young lady to whom he has long been attached - Ms. Catherine McInnes. This lady's father, Angus McInnes Esq., originally of Inverness, Scotland, is an old and respected resident of the Tarlo River, Middle Arm, NSW. His mother was a McLeod, niece of Captain Neil McLeod of the McLeods of Gesto, an ancient family, not unknown to history and able to prove a pedigree extending back into remote centuries".

Following the wedding, Michael and Catherine Durack travelled to Cooper's Creek , Queensland, where they lived many years before finally moving to Brisbane. Catherine's younger brother, Donald McInnes, was placed in charge of the horses and accompanied the Duracks to Cooper's Creek. The book "Kings in Grass Castles" by Mary Durack details much of Catherine's life and contains several references to the McInnes family. Other references to Angus McInnes and his children and their descendants are to be found in the book "Frail Children of Dust", which details the history of the Macrae family.

**** ‎(3)‎ Gregor McInnes married Ann Gibson at St Peter and Paul's, Goulburn, on 3 May 1852. They had seven children: Donald ‎(1852)‎; Annie Mary ‎(1854)‎; Allan ‎(1859)‎; Donald Gregor ‎(1862)‎; Dugald, Andrew and Margaret. At some point during the 1870s, Gregor and Ann moved west to Lake Cargellico. Immigration records had shown Gregor's occupation as shoemaker. He continued that trade in Australia and is recorded as the first bootmaker in Lake Cargellico - "boots made to measure out of the best materials for 16/- a pair". His sons, Allan and Dugald are also recorded as Lake Cargellico's first butchers. Ann died on 5 June 1881 aged 52. Gregor died on 17 October 1897, aged 73. They are buried together at Lake Cargellico cemetery where their headstone is still in good condition.

**** ‎(4)‎ Donald McInnes married Phoebe Gibson ‎(sister of Gregor's wife Ann)‎ at Grants Flat on 18 October 1852. They had ten children: Flora ‎(1853)‎; Andrew ‎(1854)‎; Annie ‎(1856)‎; Donald ‎(1857)‎; Margaret & Jessie Ann ‎(twins 1861)‎; Catherine ‎(1863)‎; John ‎(1864)‎; Allan ‎(1867)‎; and Charles ‎(1870)‎. The family settled at Wagra ‎(near Bowna in the Albury district)‎ where Phoebe died in 1893, aged 66. On the death of his wife, Donald travelled to Lake Cargellico, presumably to be near his older brother, Gregor. Donald spent his remaining days in Lake Cargellico and died there on 26 July 1902, aged 71. He is buried, without a headstone, in the Lake Cargellico cemetery.

**** ‎(5)‎ Charles McInnes was single and died in the Goulburn district on 12 October 1900. He is believed to be buried on a Cunningham property on the Goulburn/Taralga road, although no headstone was erected.

**** ‎(6)‎ Mary McInnes ‎(twin of Charles)‎ married Alexander McDonald at Goulburn on 27 August 1851. They had six children: Mary, Jessie, Flora, Sandy, Catherine ‎(1858)‎ and Margaret. Mary died at Goulburn, although the date of her death and place of burial are not known.

**** ‎(7)‎ Anne McInnes initially lived with her parents at the Strathaird property at Taralga. By 1845, she found employment as a servant on the adjoining property, Richlands, owned by John Macarthur ‎(of merino sheep fame)‎. On 8 November 1845, at Chatsbury ‎(near Goulburn)‎, NSW, Anne married William Warriner, a convict who had been assigned to the Richlands property and who had received his Certificate of Freedom in the previous year. In 1848, Anne, with William, moved to Gippsland. Anne and William had eleven children: William, Donald, John, Emma, Mary Ann, Jane, Hugh, Lily, Florence, Sarah and George. William died on 28 July 1892 at Briagolong, Vic. Ann died on 4 July 1902 at Briagalong, Vic.

**** ‎(8)‎ Hugh McInnes is believed to have been single. He died in the Goulburn area on 19 November 1881, aged 47. He is buried in the Goulburn Mortis St Cemetery along side his parents' grave. His headstone is in good condition.

**** ‎(9)‎ Peter McInnes is also believed to have been single. He died in the Goulburn district on 5 March 1880, aged 45. He is buried in the Goulburn Mortis St Cemetery next to his parents' grave. His headstone is in good condition.

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Death 4 January 1827 SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES
Latest Birth Year
Earliest Death Year ANNIE McInnes  (I2641)  
Death between 1800 and 1899 LAKE CARGELLIGO, NSW
Latest Death Year NEIL JOSEPH McInnes  (I2487)  
Birth 27 June 1927 CAMPSIE, NSW

Death 26 September 2016 Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia
Person who lived the longest
Mary Veronica Matthews  (I0675)  
Birth 9 September 1904 Darlington, NSW

Death 25 December 2004 Hibernian Village, Macleod, Vic
Average age at death
Family with the most children
Angus McInnes + Annabella Catherine Nicholson  (F737)  
Marriage 28 April 1844 Goulburn, NSW
Average number of children per family

Most Common Surnames
McInnes Family History - John McInnes and Mary Macdougal ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎(1)‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎

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